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DNR No. Name Area
Max Depth Links
Map No.
  • 160623
  • Tuscarora
  • 833
  • 9
  • 200
  • 1703
  • 130
  • 4
  • C0355

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    Petroglyph Canoe
     Tuscarora Lake
    Making Connections 
    • Portage Northeast, 366 rods, to Missing Link
    • Portage East, 255 rods, to Hubbub
    • Portage South, 30 rods, to Thelma
    • Portage West, 68 rods, to Owl
    Tuscarora Lake
    Scale 1:21420
    Full image approximately 2 miles square
    Tuscarora is a large, deep, open lake of over 800 acres, two miles across and 120' deep....
    Tuscarora supports ten established campsites, located ...
    Planning Considerations
    A trip through Tuscarora requires at least one long portage and one long, open water paddle ...
    Tuscarora supports a good population of Lake Trout....
    Notes and Comments
    The route through Tuscarora provides a more arduous, yet more satisfying, alternative to the heavily traveled Round Lake/Gillis route to the north.



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    Travel Planning

    • Beymer, Robert, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Volume 1: The Western Region, Wilderness Press, 1988
    • Beymer, Robert, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Volume 2: The Eastern Region, Wilderness Press, 1991

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