Woksapiwi Lake

Making Connections

  • Bushwhack North, 2¾ miles, down Woksapiwi Creek, to Shell


  • Fisher F-16, Loon, Lac La Croix, Nina Moose Lakes
  • McKenzie 12, Moose River; 14, Loon, Wilkins Bay


  • DNR Lake No. 690xxx
  • Lake Map No. N/A
  • Lake Table No.
  • MDH Fish Consumption Advisory - N/A
  • MPCA Water Quality
Woksapiwi Lake
Scale 1:21420
Full image approximately 2 miles square


Woksapiwi is a small, shallow lake at the head of Woksapiwi Creek, in the Loon River drainage, 15 miles ESE of Crane Lake, and 25 miles northwest of Ely. Crudely crescent-shaped or, perhaps more accurately, croissant-shaped, Woksapiwi sits in the center of a broad and shallow, mile-wide basin of muck and bog. It may be all that remains of a once larger lake, well on its way to becoming a peat bog. Wokasapiwi Creek departs the northwestern horn of the lake, bound for Shell Lake, 2¾ miles to the north. There are no portages into Woksapiwi.

Woksapiwi is situated in a large area of BWCA forest dating back to the fires of 1864. This region of the BWCA escaped damage in the 4th of July windstorms of 1999, which caused such extensive tree loss to the south and east.


Woksapiwi is on no maintained canoe route and supports no established campsites.

Planning Considerations

Woksapiwi is not particularly close to any established canoe routes and it is not at all clear that Woksapiwi Creek is navigable. It cannot be oft visited. That, of course, is much of its considerable appeal.


Woksapiwi is prime habitat for moose and other creatures with a preference for the wet and mucky places.

Notes and Comments

If you do get in to Woksapiwi, send us a photo. We'll publish it here. (It's the only way most BWCA paddlers will get to see this lake.)

Line of Spruce Trees

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