Mirror Lake

Making Connections

  • Portage Northeast, 125 rods, on the Pow Wow Hiking Trail, to Path
  • Portage Southwest, 320 rods, on the Pow Wow Hiking Trail, to Superstition


  • Fisher F-4, One, Two, Three, Four, Bald Eagle, Insula Lakes
  • McKenzie 18, Lake One


  • DNR Lake No. 380589
  • Lake Map No. N/A
  • Lake Table No. 6A
  • MDH Fish Consumption Advisory - N/A
  • MPCA Water Quality - N/A
Mirror Lake
Scale 1:21420
Full image approximately 2 miles square


Mirror is one of three small, remote lakes at the head of Path Creek in the Kawishiwi River watershed, 7 miles northwest of Forest Center, and 18½ miles ESE of Ely. Mirror sits to the south of the other two, draining Rock of Ages to its north and itself draining north into Path, from which the creek winds east and then north, through boggy country to Brewis, Horseshoe, and eventually Lake Three on the Kawishiwi.

To the north of Mirror, the Pow Wow Trail parallels the connecting stream and the western shore of Path, on into Rock of Ages, from whence, in just a bit more than a mile, the trail drops some 90' down to the shores of Lake Three near the Horseshoe Lake portage. The trail follows the western shore of Mirror southward, through the one campsite, then a mile over low boggy places on what McKenzie describes as "Rough Trail" to Superstition. If suitable put in places are found at either end, one could easily paddle the length of Mirror and some or all of the connecting stream into Path, rather than continue backpacking with the canoes.

The forest to the south and west of the lake dates back to a major 1854 fire which burned a large area north of the Isabella River, from Rice Lake west as far as Superstition and as far north as Cargo and Diana. The forest to the north and east is older, dating from the fires of 1796, with major portions burning again in 1824. The Independence Day windstorms of 1999 did no significant damage in the immediate vicinity of Mirror, though the area off the north end of Rock of Ages sustained standing tree losses estimated at between 10% and 33%.


Mirror supports one established campsite, on its southwestern shore, intended for backpackers on the Pow Wow Hiking Trail.

Planning Considerations

Mirror, along with Rock of Ages, Path, Superstition, Campfire, and Quadga, forms a rougher and more challenging north/south alternative to the Clearwater routes farther west, for travel between the Number Lakes on the Kawishiwi and the Perent and Isabella River country to the south. Recent editions of the McKenzie maps provide tremendous detail on the Pow Wow Trail, including landmarks and GPS coordinates. This is the map you want at hand if portaging the Pow Wow.


This back country is also known to be wolf country, with a pack associated with nearby Rock of Ages.

Notes and Comments

Mirror is not on an established canoe route. These are long portages to reach these small, interior lakes. But worth the trouble if you're up for it. If you do get in to Mirror send us a photo. We'll publish it here. (It's the only way most BWCA paddlers will ever get to see this remote little lake.)

Line of Spruce Trees

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