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Parasitic Plants of the Boundary Waters

  • Arceuthobium pusillum, Eastern Dwarf Mistletoe
  • Comandra spp., Toadflax
    • livida, Northern Bastard Toadflax
    • richardsiana, Bastard Toadflax
  • Corallorrhiza spp., Coralroot
    • maculata, Spotted Coral Root
    • striata, Striped Coralroot
    • trifida, Early Coralroot 
  • Cuscuta spp. Dodder 
    • cephalanthi, Buttonbush Dodder
    • megalocarpa, Bigfruit Dodder
    • polygonorum, Smartweed Dodder
  • Monotropa uniflora, Indian Pipe

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Last updated on 25 February, 2004