Ferns and Fern Allies
of the Northwoods

Sensitive Fern, Photo © by Earl J.S. Rook

Flora, fauna, earth, and sky...
The natural history of the northwoods


Species Index

Ophioglossaceae, Succulent Ferns

Osmundacea, Flowering Ferns

Aspleniaceae, the Spleenworts


Dryopteridaceae, the Wood Ferns

Polypodiaceae, the Polypod Ferns

Pteridaceae, the Brake Ferns

Thelypteridaceae, the Marsh Ferns

Equisetaceae, Horsetails

Lycopodiaceae, Clubmosses

Selaginellaceae, Spike Mosses

  • Selaginella rupestris, Rock Spike Moss
  • Selaginella selaginoides, Mountain Moss (EN-MN)

Isoetaceae, Quillwort

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Northwoods Flora

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