Northern Climate & Weather

Storm over Boulder Lake, BWCAW, 1997

Flora, fauna, earth, and sky...
The natural history of the northwoods

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  • Fauna
    • Birds, Woodpeckers, Owls, and Chickadees (and the other 7 year round residents)
    • Mammals, Moose, Wolf, and Beaver country
    • Reptiles & Amphibians, in a land of waters, it's mostly frogs
    • Fish, Bass, Northern, Walleye, and Trout - and their finny foodchain
    • Invertebrates, Ticks, Flys, Leaches, and Mosquitos - the welcoming land
  • Earth
    • Ecology,
    • Geology,
    • Limnology,

Boreal border

Last updated on 6 February 1999