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Primitive Management Areas

In the Hairy Lakes PMA
Into the Hairy Lake PMA, southbound for Sora Lake

Primitive Management Areas by Region

Region 1 Trout Lake/Big Moose Canthook Lake PMA
Region 2 The Northwest Border Lakes Weeny Lake PMA
Region 3 The North Central Border Lakes Sundial Lake PMA
Tick Lake PMA
Region 4 The Northeast Border Lakes Pitfall Lake PMA
Spider Lake PMA
Region 5 North of the Gunflint No PMA
Region 6 The Southwest Rivers  Drag Lake PMA
Fungus Lake PMA
Weasel Lake PMA
Region 7 The Central Core West  Mugwump Lake PMA
Spider Lake PMA
Region 8 The Central Core East  Humpback Lake PMA
Region 9 South Central  Hairy Lake PMA
Region 10 The East End  No PMA


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Last updated on 30 March, 2002