Shepherd and Jensen
Genealogy and Tombstones
Oshkosh, Garden County, Nebraska


 Warren D. Shepherd
 Shirley Ann Shepherd (infant)
Benjamin H. Shepherd
Clara C. (Jensen) Shepherd
Gordon Lee Shepherd (bad photo)
b. Oct 4, 1922
d. Oct 22, 1944
 Baby Shepherd
(Photo missing)
Jensen family marker
Chris Jensen
Ida and Christ Jensen
Ida Jensen
Christ Jensen
Jens Peter Jensen

These tombstones and markers are from the Shepherd and Jensen families who lived in Garden County, near Oshkosh, Nebraska.  Ezekial A. Shepherd (no photo of tombstone) was the father of Benjamin "Ben" H. Shepherd.  Ben spent most of his life in the area and was well known and respected.  He married Clara C. Jensen and raised a large family on their farm northwest of Oshkosh.  The tombstones of four of their children are included in these photos.  Warren Douglas Shepherd, baby Shepherd (photo was of poor quality and will be retaken), Gordon Lee Shepherd, and Shirley Ann Shepherd.  Shirley Ann and baby were both infants at the time of their deaths.  Gordon was killed in a military airplane crash during World War II while stationed in Iowa.  Warren died of Leukemia at age 39.
The patriarch of the Jensen family is Jens Peter Jensen.  He was born in Denmark and immigrated to the United States, where he first moved to Iowa and then to the Garden County area.  Among Jens sons were brothers Chris and Christ.  Chris (Christian) married Ida Jacobson and together they had 4 children, including Clara C. who married Benjamin H. Shepherd.  Christ never married and spent most of his life living near his parents and brother Chris.
There are additional ancestors of the Shepherd, Jensen and related families whose tombstones will eventually be photographed and made available for other genealogists to use.  These photos are protected by copyright and may only be used for personal use.  They may not be used for monetary gain or to be published in other forms without written permission of Doug Shepherd.  They are freely given to Rootsweb and the USGenWeb Garden County site to be posted.

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