[NI009] 1896, August 3 Alta, IA; birthdate
1917, December 1 Sioux Falls, SD; marriage to Lilymae Nelson
1923 Sioux Falls, SD; coach cleaner, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, renter at 519 South 6th Avenue, in Galesburg neighborhood
1926 Sioux Falls, SD; car repairman, Milwaukee Railway, Co., renter at 519 South 6th Avenue, in Galesburg neighborhood
1963, December 22 Sundance, WY; death from

[NI270] IGI has a Henri Bauman, born 11 April 1813, in PR, Rheinland Materborn, Civil

[NI424] Date:
Sun, 29 Dec 96 22:22:06 +0840
Jack Wolf >
"Earl Rook" >

Hi Earl,

I recieved your message about the WOLF family line just before leaving
for the Holidays. Now I am back in full swing. here are the stats on
my/our families:

(This information is documented in a family Bible. I keep the spellings
that were there.)

1. Johann Jacob WOLFF
b: 6 Jul 1739
d: 26 Oct 1811

Married Anna Margaret SCHNUG 8 Oct 1765.
b: 11 Nov 1732
d: circa 1804

Anna and her mother Anna Catherine BERGNER arrived Philadelphia 30 Sep
1740. I believe that Johann was already a resident of Cumberland Co.
near the town of Carlisle Springs. Johann parents are still a mystery to
me, but I believe they may have been Andreas WOLFF and Regina Kleine
(actually Johann's mother was one Dorothea who died in 1738 giving birth
to her fifth son.) It is very interesting that after Johann remarried
the children spelled their name WOLF. It is even in this Bible that way.

Johann and Anna had seven children: Johan Jacob, Maria Barbara, John
(Johannes), Johan Fillib (Phillip), Elizabeth, Christina, and Christian.
Johannes was my Grandfather.

2. John (Johannes) WOLF
b: 27 Apr 1770
d: 24 Jul 1822 or 1824 (accounts and headstones differ)

Married Elizabeth (don't know the maiden name)

They had four children that I know of: John Jacob, David, Christina, and
Jacob. David was my Grandfather.

3. David WOLF
b: 5 Jan 1810
d: 24 Feb 1879

Married Anna CORNMAN 16 Apr 1831. They had eleven children: Elizabeth,
John, Margaret, William Cornman, Henry, Joseph, Sarah Ann, Suzanna, Mary,
Martha Ellen, and Amanda Matilda. William Cornman was my Grandfather.

4. William Cornman WOLF
b: 18 Aug 1839
d: 5 Jan 1921

Married Barbara Anna MILLER 23 Nov 1865. They had nine children: Della
May, Anna Laura, William Howard, Marie Alice, David Roscoe, Hadassah M.,
Sadie Irene, Marguerite Elizebeth, and Joseph Ernest. William Howard was
my Grandfather.

5. William Howard WOLF
b: 14 Feb 1870
d: 31 Mar 1947

Married Sue Elva McWILLIAMS 7 Mar 1894. They had six children: Charles
Clarence, Anna Marie, Kathryn Lucile, Susan Mary, Martha Ellen, and
William Howard. William Howard was my father.

6. William Howard WOLF, Jr.
b: 14 Jul 1911
Still living

Married Ada Frances CRENSHAW 1 Jan 1934. They had two children: Joanne
and me John David WOLF

All the grandfathers up until my father was born, were from Carlisle
Springs, Cumberland Co., PA. In 1873 William Cornman came to Missouri
and settled just north of Plattsburg, Clinton Co., MO. My Grandfather
was three. Then Dad was born in Lathrop, MO. My Dad was displaced by
the Great Depression down into New Mexico to work road building. He then
went to California to learn the roofing business from his sister's
husband. I was born there, but we moved back to New Mexico when I was
five. I call New Mexico home.

So it looks like Johann Jacob WOLFF's first born Johan Jacob WOLF was
your grandfather. I have a friend in New York that works the WOLF line
also and he was of the impression that Mary Hawk was a second marrage of
Johann Jacob senior! He did tell me he hadn't fully figured this out
though. I can set him straight now.

Do you know why John WOLFSEN changed his last name? Seems like an odd

There are a lot of WAGGONER's associated with the family. I will have to
reread the stuff Ray Wolff sent me to get it straight. If I figure that
out I will let you know.

I do have a lot more details of the family line described above, but it
is too much to put into a message. I concentrated on my immediate line
and not too far off to the sides until closer to my greatgrandfather and
on. If you have anything that connects your family to Andreas Wolff I
would like to know that. If that line can be proven, then I have a lot
more to talk about. I research them in Lancaster Co. and they trace back
to Germany rather easily. The trick is Johann Jacob Wolff, Sr. the
fourth son of Andreas or not?

John Wolf
Der Stumpf von mein Stammbaum

[NI426] Attended Hill and Bindnagle churches in Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

[NI467] Anna and her mother Anna Catherine BERGNER arrived Philadelphia 30 Sep

[NI476] Hans Jacob Waggoner. On the ship "Friendship" voyage the food and
water provisions were lost at sea during a storm. This created an
unsanitary condition that took his father Martin Wagner, mother Maria
GREIDER and Sister Marins lives. Jacob and his Dumb Uncle Heini survived.
Jacob was orphaned and sent to a harsh life on a farm till 18 yrs old.
He then learned the Blacksmith trade. He moved to Carlisle, PA and

A Family History written by M. Mae Waggoner in 1963 stated that Jacob, to
pay for his passage was bound out to a farmer with whom he remained until
he was 19 years of age. He was cruelly treated and during the severe
winter his feet were badly frozen from the lack of proper shoes. It is
said one could track him to school by the bloodstains in the snow. His
feet never fully recovered from this tragic experience. Mae’s history
says "Maria Catharine Bauer (also born in Swizerland)".

[NI631] Favorite poem:

"If any little word of mine,
May make a heart then lighter,
If any little song of mine,
May make a life brighter,
God help me speak that little word and take my bit of singing,
And drop it in some lonely vale and set the echoes ringing."

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