Rook Family Photo
The extended family of Thomas J. Rook and Sarah Leah Marquis, Hamilton County, Nebraska, circa 1907. From the left:

Back Row: Sam and Mary Rook, Francis Marion and Delpha Rook, Ella Florence and Ed Sampson, Esther Ann and Thomas Jeffers, Sarah Elizabeth and Thomas Sutton, John and Ida Rook
Center: Pearl and Alma Jeffers, Sarah Leah and Thomas Rook, Jessie Sutton, Rex Jeffers
Front: Gladys and Leah Sampson, Vernon Rook, Orrie Jeffers, Ogereto Sampson

Their European Origins

  • 18th Century England (assumed)

Their American Journey

  • Worcester County, Maryland, late 18th Century
  • Chatham County, North Carolina circa 1790's
  • Grainger County, Tennessee circa 1820s
  • Shelby County, Illinois 1827 - ?
  • Warren County, Tennessee circa 1830s
  • Fulton County, Illinois circa 1835 - 1851
  • Gasconade County, Missouri circa 1850s
  • Liberty Township, Clark County, Iowa circa 1851 - 1885
  • Hamilton County, Nebraska circa 1885 - 1930
  • Garden County, Nebraska circa 1930 - 1990
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    • Our English heritage
      • Our Anglo-Saxon heritage, the cultural and historical inheritance
      • Our Briton heritage, cultural and historical inheritance of ancient Britain
      • Our Celtic heritage, the cultural and historical inheritance of celtic Britain
      • Our Germanic heritage, the broader cultural and historical inheritance of the English
    • Our Northern European heritage

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