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The Eaton Name


  • Great Britain (assumed)


  • From the English


  • Eaton is the 594th most popular surname in the US

Place Names

  • Eaton, Arkansas, in Lawrence County (36°2'24"N 91°12'58"W)
  • Eaton, Colorado, in Weld County (40°31'49"N 104°42'39"W)
  • Eaton, Idaho, in Washington County (44°16'33"N 117°4'49"W)
  • Eaton, Indiana, in Delaware County (40°20'25"N 85°21'3"W)
  • Eaton, Kansas, in Cowley County (37°13'47"N 96°46'12"W)
  • Eaton, Maine, in Washington County (45°36'19"N 67°48'22"W)
  • Eaton County, Michigan, includes Bellevue, Charlotte, Dimondale, Eaton Rapids, Grand
    Ledge, Mulliken, Olivet, Potterville, Sunfield, and Vermontville
  • Eaton, New York, in Madison County (42°50'59"N 75°36'44"W)
  • Eaton, Ohio, in Lorain County (41°18'50"N 82°1'15"W)
  • Eaton, Ohio, in Preble County (39°44'38"N 84°38'12"W)
  • Eaton, Tennessee, in Gibson County (35°58'8"N 89°7'55"W)
  • Eaton, Texas, in Robertson County (30°58'22"N 96°20'22"W)
  • Eaton, West Virginia, in Wood County (39°11'46"N 81°18'50"W)

Famous Eatons

  • Francis Eaton, passenger on the Mayflower
  • Benjamin Harrison Eaton (1833-1904), 10th Governor of Colorado, served 1885-1887

Eaton Family Arms

  • Unknown

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